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T2S Test Services

Atomic Software and SWIFT

SWIFT is one of the two licenced VAN providers of the future T2S platform. As part of their MyStandards development, they have requested a custom version of the T2S Simulator product. Over a period of a few months, Atomic and SWIFT developers colaborated to design, develop and deploy this innovative new product into their production landscape. As it is with Atomic custom development, SWIFT retains full IP rights and source code to their new application.


  • Supports SWIFT 15022/20022 messages
  • Resending of messages
  • Real-Time and Store & Forward modes
  • FIFO Sequencing of transactions
  • Data validation and enrichment
  • Message transformation
  • Dynamic statistical dashboard
  • Workflow concept
  • Authorisation of user actions
  • Automated Record Versioning
  • White labelled, multi-lingual user interface
  • Performance monitoring screens

The Atomic Engine

The Atomic Engine system landscape consists of a number of providers and consumers of transactions, known as Companies. The Atomic Engine will work as a store and forward message routing system and will be operated by an entity known as the Host. The AE is responsible for receiving data from sending companies and passing the information off to the receiving companies. During the time that the core system is processing these transactions, it allows for data validation and transformation according to a number of configurable services.

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